Monkey’s Family Visit the Dentist!

Monkeys Family Visit the Dentist


The team at Fellows Dental are all very child friendly, we believe that children should come to the dentist and have a happy fun time. There is no need to fear the dentist like some people may have done in the past.  Children’s teeth need looking after from the moment they appear, so book your child in and let them discover how looking after your teeth can be fun!

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Monkeys Family Visit the Dentist is a  20-page realistic, photographically-based children’s storybook to prepare children for visiting the dentist. In this story, Monkey and his sister have a check-up with their family dentist. It’s a great introduction to visiting the dentist, familiarising children with the dentist’s surgery, the equipment and the process of having their teeth checked.  If your child is frightened or cautious of the dentist ask us for one of our Monkey books, read it to them, discuss it with them.Feedback has told us that visits to the dentist have been made much easier following this.

The author, Helen Sadler, of the book writes books for various different medically related situations. Promoted by a feeling of bewilderment and fear when her daughter was admitted to hospital, Helen has written books to help children overcome and be prepared for different medical situations.

In our waiting room at Fellows Dental Practice we have plenty of toys and books for children to play with whilst they are waiting to see their Dentist, Mark or Sharmila.  The book Monkeys family visits the Dentist is also available to read in the waiting room and we have Monkey Dental Activity Packs available if you would like them.  We want to ensure that your families visit is a relaxing, calm and happy one.  In both our surgeries there are television screens on the ceiling, we have a large selection of DVDs available to choose from, or you can bring your own favourite with you.


We have stickers for everyone and fun toothbrushes available for purchase at reception.

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Who’d have thought that going to the dentist was so much fun!