Reasons to choose a dental implant:
  • Very strong and long lasting.
  • Improves quality of life.
  • Allows good chewing function - you can bite into foods just like you would with your natural teeth.
  • Help supports the face and prevent premature aging effects.
  • Prevents bone loss helping to maintain the jaw shape.
  • Prevents drifting or tipping of adjacent teeth.
  • Avoids cutting down adjacent teeth – such as can be required to replace a missing tooth with a bridge.

Dental Implants. More than new teeth. Improved quality of life.
Dental implants preserve your jaw bone and facial structure.

In a healthy mouth, the tooth root transmits chewing forces to the jaw, and this helps to maintain the bone.
If one or more teeth are lost, these forces cease and the bone may slowly recede. As a result, neighbouring teeth may also move inwards, creating additional gaps, as shown in the illustration.

Dental implant therapy can help to prevent the gradual bone deterioration described above, since the action of the implant mirrors that of the original root, transmitting chewing forces to the jaw bone in a natural way.

Dental Implants vs. Conventional Treatment
A tooth is missing.
Two healthy neighbouring teeth are ground down to support a bridge - loss of tooth substance.
The bridge does not transmit chewing forces to the jaw bone - bone loss may occur.
A tooth is missing.
Tooth replacement with a dental implant.
Neighbouring teeth remain healthy and intact.
Watch a video on dental implant placement