Treatment Options

Applications of dental implants:
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1. Replacement Bridges
Dental implants are so strong that they can be used to support a bridge. Two implants are carefully placed in the position of your natural teeth and then a porcelain bridge is fixed to the implants.

2. Securing removable dentures
Dental implants can be used to help retain full removable dentures. This will help to stop them moving around and avoid the need for the use of denture fixative. this can be particularly useful if you have struggled to control your full dentures. This process can transform your eating experience. Depending on the clinical situation, 2 or 4 implants can be placed and then the removable denture clipped to the special attachments on the implants.

3. Replacing Multiple teeth
Dental implants can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth. Careful planning is undertaken and implants are positioned so as to support all the necessary missing teeth. It is not necessary to place an implant to replace each and every missing tooth. One implant can support more than one tooth.