Implant Journey

The process

After careful treatment planning and any special diagnostic tests, treatment can begin.

Below we show the main parts of the treatment to replace two missing front teeth.

Stage 1

The sites where the teeth have been removed are allowed to heal. This is very important as it allows some new bone to form, but most importantly for front teeth, allows more gum tissue to form.

Here we show the healed extraction sites ready to take the dental implants.
Here we show a fitted temporary denture which was pre-made and inserted immediately after the front teeth were removed. The patient had no gap after the appointment.
Stage 2

The dental implant is inserted. It is much like a small screw about the same size as the natural root of a tooth. Once placed, it is left for about 8 weeks to fuse with your natural bone.

Stage 3

Once the implant has fused, impressions can be taken to construct the temporary crowns.The temporary crowns are then inserted.

The temporary crowns after about 3 months.
Stage 4

After further impressions and tooth whitening, the final porcelain crowns are inserted. The crown is usually screwed in place avoiding the need for cements. This also means the crowns can easily be removed if there is ever a need.

Below is another case showing the final result after a dental implant has been placed and restored with a porcelain crown.